Since the 2009 financial crisis the banking sector has changed a lot. Companies worldwide have had more difficulty financing their businesses. Asset-based finance has become more popular. Based on the assets, banks can finance more and do so at a lower interest rate, as well, because they insure secured assets.

So more and more multinationals are financing their trade receivables with factoring programmes. In addition, offbalance programmes and securitization programmes are very interesting, as they improve the ratios of the company.
Setting up such programmes can be complex. This is partly due to the different laws and regulations in each country and the presence of banks in the different countries. Keystone Trade Credit works with solid banks and factoring companies worldwide.

Keystone Trade Credit specializes in setting up such programmes and already has multiple multinational clients which make use of factoring programmes. We make use of local specialists to service local subsidiaries. We work with our
clients to optimize the financing of working capital.