There are many reasons why companies insure their trade receivables: not only to cover losses but more and more as an instrument to optimize credit management procedures. Credit insurers have the most up-to-date financial information about companies worldwide, they identify financial problems at an early stage and can put pressure on debtors to pay their outstanding debts.

It also helps credit insurers to finance more working capital. Asset-based finance is increasingly being promoted by banks and it is also being used more by multinationals to finance working capital, even off balance.

When entering new markets or even new countries credit insurance helps you do business with solid customers. As each country has its own culture, habits, laws and regulations, both multinationals and credit insurers need to take these differences into account. For this reason, we founded Keystone Trade Credit.

Keystone Trade Credit specializes in setting up global credit insurance programmes. With a solid master agreement with benefits of scale and local service, we make sure that all subsidiaries can optimize their credit insurance and credit management. The local keystone partners will assist the subsidiaries and help them optimize credit limits for buyers, payment issues and claims.

Keystone works with the best local credit insurance specialist so we can guarantee the best possible service. All Keystone partners work with all the major credit insurers and have excellent relationships with them. At group level we provide management information on the performance of the global contract and constantly work on optimizing the performance.